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5/19/2019 – Students Rip de Blasio for Missing Meeting on School Segregation While in Iowa (NY1)

5/17/2019 – Brown v. Board of Education turns 65 today. These students are still fighting for integration in NYC schools (Chalkbeat)

5/17/2019 – De Blasio Once Ignored Trump. But in Iowa, It Was All Trump. (New York Times)

5/2/2019 – Students Press City Leaders to Move From Debate to Action on School Integration Efforts (WNYC)

5/1/2019 – Entrenched positions and pleas for change: NYC council debates school integration (Chalkbeat)

5/1/2019 – New York City Chancellor Affirms Push to End Elite-Schools Test (Wall Street Journal)

5/1/2019 – Web Extra: NYC Students Testify On School Diversity (CBS2)

5/1/2019 – New York City Council holds hearing on racial segregation in schools (ABC7)

5/1/2019 – Desegregating New York's schools poses many challenges (FOX5)

4/11/2019 – Forums on Specialized High Schools, Its Test and Student Diversity Kick Off Tonight (WNYC)

4/3/2019 – NYC's DOE Chancellor Talks Integration, Elite High Schools, And All That Testing (Gothamist)

3/19/2019 – High School Admissions Creates Winners and Losers. I Lost. (Gothamist)

3/19/2019 – Pressure Is On To Change The Single-Test Admissions Requirement For 8 Elite NYC High Schools (CBS2 NY)

2/15/2019 – ‘Mr. Mayor, we cannot afford to wait.’ Teen group says New York City diversity plan doesn’t move fast enough. (Chalkbeat NY)

2/01/2019 – Report: Without SHSAT, Makeup of NYC Specialized Schools Would be Significantly Different (NY1)

1/30/2019 – Student voices missing in coverage of NYC's specialized high schools (Phi Delta Kappan)

1/9/2019 – The Divided City (Zeit Online)

1/5/2019 – Top NYC high schooler slams public education system as ‘unfair and unjust’ (New York Post)

1/4/2019 – NYC students to get new 'voice' in school policies (The Daily News)

12/12/2018 – America Is Sacrificing Black Education for a False Meritocracy (New York Magazine)

12/5/2018 – Smooth sailing’ or ‘left behind’: The student voices in a charged debate over NYC’s high school admissions (Chalkbeat NY)

12/5/2018 – Stop Relying on Just One Test (The Daily News)

12/4/2018 – Teens Take Charge – Education Panel On What It’s Like To Be Left Behind (Bklyner)

11/29/2018 – New York City extends school application deadline, adding to an admissions cycle full of change (Chalkbeat NY)

11/14/2018 – Overdue Assignment: Making schools more culturally responsive (City Limits)

11/7/2018 – I voted for the first time on Tuesday (Chalkbeat NY)

10/15/2018 – I’m an Immigrant and a Student and My Voice Matters (Education Post)

10/15/2018 – Speaking Youth to Power in New York City (One Day Magazine)

8/23/2018 – Questions raised about aptitude tests (Fox5 NY)

8/15/2018 – New York Teens Talk School Sports (WNYC)

8/2/2018 – Experts on their own experience, teens take action on integration (Christian Science Monitor)

6/26/2018 – Metro Focus: School Choice (PBS Thirteen)

6/24/2018 – It's Time to Integrate New York City schools (New York Times)

6/14/2018 – NYC Has the Most Segregated Schools in the Country. How Do We Fix That? (Observer)

6/3/2018 – New Yorkers respond to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s push to overhaul admissions at elite but segregated specialized high schools (Chalkbeat NY)

4/23/2018 – New York City Students Share Plan to Fight for School Integration (Long Island Report)

4/16/2018 – ‘So there I was, figuring it out myself’: A Brooklyn teen on why the city’s specialized high school prep wasn’t enough (Chalkbeat NY)

4/5/2018 – NYC students are taking the lead in the fight to end legally segregated schools (Mic)

3/27/2018 – Dear Chancellor: Your messages to Richard Carranza, as he becomes New York City’s schools chief (Chalkbeat NY)

3/16/2018 – These 11-year-old Brooklyn students are asking New York City to do something about segregated schools (Chalkbeat NY)

1/4/2018 – Fighting Segregation in Our Schools (Nowhere Men)

12/26/2017 – New York City students share why they’re fighting for school integration (Chalkbeat NY)

12/19/2017 – ‘We weren’t surprised’: Students react with a weary shrug to city’s plans to close Bronx school where boy was fatally stabbed (Chalkbeat NY)

6/28/2017 – Graduating Seniors Offer Advice to their High Schools (WNYC)

5/21/2017 – To Whom it Should Concern (New York Times)

5/17/2017 – ‘I didn’t realize that an A in Harlem was not the same as an A in a majority-white high school’: One student’s discovery (Chalkbeat NY)

5/17/2017 – ‘I have hidden my legal status for 11 years’: A disillusioned high school senior speaks out (Chalkbeat NY)

5/17/2017 – ‘I am a product of the South Bronx’: One student on how the city’s high school choice process failed her (Chalkbeat NY)

4/27/2017 – New York City students and podcasters team up to share stories of inequity in schools (Chalkbeat NY)

4/12/2017 – Open: Teens Take Charge NYC (BronxNet)