To Whom It Should Concern

#TeensTakeCharge Classroom Edition

It's your turn. With a blank sheet of paper as your platform and a pencil as your instrument, let your voice be heard.


Step 1: Address the letter "To Whom It Should Concern."


Step 2: Describe your reality at school. What do people not understand about your experience in school? If there is one thing you want policymakers — the people making decisions about your education and future — to know, what would it be? 

Example Letter:

Step 3: Take a photo of your letter and send it to us. You can email it to, or you can tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@teenstakecharge) or on Twitter using the hashtag #TeensTakeCharge. 

We will share, retweet, and publish
your letters on our website and/or
read it at our next event.

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